Aug 23, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Attending Nextflow Summit!

Picture this: You’ve stumbled upon the Nextflow Summit, which promises to be essential for your career, but oh no! 🙀 Your constant nemesis, the wet lab’s ever increasing queue of sequencing run data, has you tied down with a mountain of work. Fear not! In this ultimate guide, we’ll embark on an adventure to help you attend the Nextflow Summit while still staying on top of your work duties! 😎

Planning and Preparation: Striking the Perfect Balance

Procrastination is the enemy when it comes to orchestrating your Summit attendance. Start planning early, as it will allow you to strategize effectively. Look into Nextflow Summit’s schedule, dates, and location to determine how it aligns with your work calendar and objectives. If you plan to travel to Barcelona or Boston, get your accommodation and flights booked so you can make the most of the good deals around including the discount codes on the Summit website.

Get Your Requests In Early

The Nextflow Summit spans multiple days, so consider requesting the trip well in advance. Craft a compelling case for why attending the event will benefit you and enhance your company contributions. Be transparent about the potential knowledge and networking opportunities to impact your performance and growth positively.

Virtual Attendance: Breaking Barriers

When the road to the Nextflow Summit seems blocked, do not worry! You have the opportunity to explore the realm of virtual attendance, where live streams and recorded sessions become your secret weapons. Engage in virtual discussions and connect with fellow attendees through digital networks. 🧑🏻‍💻

Embrace Collaborative Learning

The Nextflow Summit is a melting pot of ideas and experiences, offering abundant opportunities for collaborative learning. Join forces with like-minded professionals in our coffee breaks or social events, creating collaborations that will last beyond the event. Make clear to your boss that your presence at the conference could lead to new opportunities for your organization.

Make the Most of the Summit Experience!

Armed with wit, humor, and determination, you’re well-prepared to take on the Nextflow Summit with flair and finesse! Remember, this is not just a gateway from the office but an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You’ve learned that with the right attitude and a sprinkle of creativity, you can achieve the impossible - attending Nextflow Summit while keeping your team’s science moving forward. 🤩

So go forth, let the Nextflow Summit be the launchpad for your success, and remember, you’ve got this! 🫵🏻

Still not registered? Remember you have two events, in two cities to choose from! 😉: