May 24 , 10:00 - 10:15

Fastquorum: the fgbio best-practices for UMI-based consensus calling from raw FASTQs

Fastquorum is a nf-core Nextflow pipeline to produce UMI-based consensus sequencing reads from raw FASTQs for powerful error-correction to improve sequencing adapters. Individual library molecules are tagged with unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) prior to amplification, such that multiple observations of each library molecule can be made. In some cases, both strands of a double-stranded library molecule may be observed and uniquely tagged. These tags (UMIs) are leveraged to identify individual sequencing reads that observe the same library source molecule to correct sequencing error and post-tagging error (e.g. PCR error and oxidative damage during library preparation), yielding high-accuracy consensus reads for use in low frequency variant detection and other applications.
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Nils Homer