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Annick Renevey

Annick Renevey

Bioinformatician at the Clinical Genomics Unit, SciLifeLab

Annick Renevey is a bioinformatician at the Clinical Genomics unit at SciLifeLab Stockholm, Sweden. She works on a range of clinical diagnostic pipelines. In particular, a pipeline for the detection of gene fusions from RNA sequencing data of tumors: nf-core/rnafusion. Her work includes the implementation of these pipelines in production setting, leveraging the advantages of the Nextflow and nf-core communities.

Annick obtained a PhD in physical chemistry from ETH Zurich, working with computational simulations of multi-resolution water models and toxic peptides from marine sponges. She developed her interest for bioinformatics at the Virology Department of the Bernhard-Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany. There, she developed portable tools for analysing the genetic components of viruses in field conditions (in particular Ebola, Lassa and Marburg viruses). She was part of the effort attributing the 2021 Guinean Ebola outbreak origin to a survivor’s persistent infection. She also designed the statistical model currently used for public health prevention of Lassa virus infectivity through body fluids.

Annick is particularly interested in the integration of the analysis processes with user’s requirements in mind and enthusiastic to be delivering tools to a large community.

Annick will be presenting her work titled “Implementing RNA-fusion detection in routine cancer diagnostics with nf-core/rnafusion”.