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Hunter Seabolt

Hunter Seabolt

Bioinformatics Lead Scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hunter Seabolt is the Bioinformatics Lead Scientist for the Advanced Molecular Detection contract serving the scientific computing and bioinformatics needs of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). His work for CDC spans a diverse array of subject areas, such as pathogen discovery from environmental metagenomes, large-scale comparison of isolate genomes for AMR detection and genomic surveillance, and the production of novel software tools for the public health science toolkit.

Hunter has 9 years of relevant experience in bioinformatics and molecular biology research. His work has primarily focused on untangling the genomes of pathogenic microbes and parasitic organisms dating back to his early graduate school days through the present day. His development efforts include extensive bench-side R&D to develop novel techniques to facilitate whole-genome sequencing of microbial genomes, the design and implementation of new analytical methods for genomic data, as well as contributions to open-source scientific computing initiatives like nf-core.

Hunter will be presenting his work titled “Enhancing pathogen surveillance of Candida auris using MycoSNP and Nextflow: an update”.